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The Brow Edition | Why turn to Henna for your Brows?

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Once you go henna you never go back... Seriously! There isn't much more I can say to introduce you to the amazing product. If you want defined brows that look natural then choose henna!

When I began my journey building my beauty business I made a conscious decision that I wanted to help women embrace their face and simply enhance their natural beauty. Henna brows are the perfect way to give your brows a boost in colour whilst still looking natural.

As well as leaving you with fabulous brows, our brow henna is guilt free, cruelty free, vegan friendly, Halal, low PPD and free from Hydrogen Peroxide and Ammonia!

Our henna pots come in 5 different shades inspired by the rich, brown undertones of my favourite drink ... Coffee! (well... second favourite after wine...)

Henna gives long-lasting results that you will love. The natural ashy finish of the product means NO orange brows! Each colour will give a perfect result when used individually OR colours can be mixed for a custom shade if desired! Check our colour range and shop here

Our lush coffee colours:

  • Vanilla Latte (ashy dark blonde on hairs, light stain on the skin)

  • Cold Brew Latte (light brown on hairs, medium stain on the skin)

  • Macchiato (medium brown on hairs, medium stain on the skin)

  • Caffe Mocha (dark brown on hairs, medium stain on the skin)

  • Hot Chocolate (dark brown on hairs, dark stain on the skin)

So what do you get in your henna kit? Everything you need to give your brows a henna boost! A portion of henna, aftercare advice, instructions and tools to mix and tidy. Just add water and apply with a brush.

Your kit comes with a detailed step by step guide for you to apply. Unsure which colour is right for you? Get a free colour consultation by SHE. Beauty founder Amy Green, just email and send a picture of your brows make-up free!

Do you have over-plucked and "patchy" eyebrows? 

We have ALL been there! Myself included.

However even the best brow tech can struggle creating the perfect brow when they are faced with patchy, dry brows! As a firm believer that beauty should be about enhancing what Mother Nature gave ya it is important to use a brow oil or serum to keep them nourished and encourage hair growth. I recommend using the SO Henna nourishing oil with your henna brows as they are the perfect marriage for healthy, full and beautiful brows!

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