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Airbrushed Brows: Trend or Treatment? Navigating the Social Media Hype

In the dynamic world of beauty and brows, trends often emerge, captivate social media, and then fade into obscurity. The latest sensation causing a stir on platforms like Instagram and TikTok is the trend of airbrushed brows. Characterised by a soft, gradient effect achieved through airbrushing techniques, these brows have gained popularity for their photogenic appeal. However, the question remains: are airbrushed brows just a fleeting fad, pursued for likes on social media, or a legitimate treatment worthy of a spot on your professional treatment list?


  1. Photogenic Aesthetics: The primary allure of airbrushed brows lies in their visually striking appearance. The soft gradient effect achieved through airbrushing creates a seamlessly blended look that photographs exceptionally well. Clients, especially those seeking bolder brows for special occasions or photoshoots, may appreciate the enhanced aesthetics of airbrushed brows.

  2. Time Efficiency: Airbrushing allows for quick and efficient brow application. Compared to meticulous manual techniques, such as henna brows, the airbrushing process can be completed faster, making it an attractive option for clients (and techs) with busy schedules who still desire well-defined brows.

  3. Customisable Results: Airbrushing offers a high level of customization. You can adjust the intensity of the colour and gradient effect to suit the client's preferences. This flexibility allows for a personalised approach, ensuring that each set of airbrushed brows complements the client's facial features.

  4. Social Media Visibility: The photogenic nature of airbrushed brows aligns with the visual-centric nature of social media platforms. By incorporating this trend into your treatment list, you may attract a broader audience, generate interest, and increase your online visibility, ultimately translating into business growth.


  1. Limited Longevity: While airbrushed brows offer immediate visual impact, the effects may not be as long-lasting as some other brow treatments. Unlike semi-permanent or permanent makeup techniques, airbrushed brows will only last a few days to a week or so and will need frequent maintenance to maintain their desired appearance, which could be a consideration for clients seeking a low-maintenance option.

  2. Skill and Equipment Requirements: Achieving flawless airbrushed brows requires specialised skills and the right equipment. Brow professionals will have to invest time in learning the techniques and mastering the airbrushing tools, potentially adding a layer of complexity to their skill set. You will need to spend money on tools that may not provide return on the investment... will it really pay off?

  3. Fleeting Nature of Trends: Beauty trends on social media can be transient. What gains immense popularity today may lose its luster tomorrow. You must carefully consider the sustainability of investing in a trend-driven treatment like airbrushed brows, especially if the demand diminishes over time.

  4. Client Expectations vs. Reality: The highly edited and curated nature of social media images may create unrealistic expectations for clients. Managing these expectations and ensuring that clients understand the difference between an Instagram post and real-life results is crucial to maintaining trust and satisfaction.

Conclusion: As the beauty industry continues to evolve, the debate over new treatments like airbrushed brows will continue. While the trend may offer advantages in terms of aesthetics, time efficiency, and social media visibility, beauty professionals must carefully weigh the limited longevity, skill requirements, and the transient nature of trends. Ultimately, whether airbrushed brows are just a passing fad or a lasting treatment worthy of inclusion in your repertoire depends on your clientele, business goals, and commitment to staying abreast of industry developments. By making informed decisions, beauty professionals can navigate the social media hype and choose treatments that contribute both to client satisfaction and the longevity of their business.

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